No one walks alone

I have gone to the gym faithfully, I am so excited to do it because I really love it when my jeans fit without struggling, not just that… I love to know I am doing something good for me and my health.  I was so excited today after my training & Zumba class, so excited I picked up one of my ‘skinny’ jeans and I did not hit reality until I tried to fasten them… I was pretty shocked.. Come on! I’ve been going to the gym for 3 long days! (after being on a cruise eating 2 desserts after a big dinner for 7 nights….)  haha!  

Sometimes in life we do the same thing… we start doing the right thing for a day or two and we expect to see results right away, it is ok to do our best to become a better person, however, if we do not keep in mind that our journey is not over yet, and continue to try to put on the “skinny’ jeans before shaking off the weight we will become frustrated. We do not think about the journey ahead of us so we can get upset and complain about it, we think about it to remember that it took us a whole journey to get to “I am so messed up land” and we sure won’t reach wholeness over a night. Think about your journey to become a better you and embrace it, try the skinny jeans on knowing that every day, in every way you are (I am) getting better and better… after all, even the littlest effort counts. Continue to focus on one thing:  No one walks alone.

Jesus love is with you every step of  the way. He walks this journey of life with us every step of the way until the very end.



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