Crackers and doors…

To enter my boys school I need to have my key-pass and scan it at the door, very cool, huh? We were a few minutes late for school this morning, so late that we flew out of the car, grabbed everything we thought we needed and headed to the door, I kept unsuccessfully scanning my key with such urgency to get in …. I was about to ring the bell when I noticed that what I had in my hands was my wheat crackers I take with me for when I get hungry after the gym… the kids and I laughed so hard, so loud, they were just too amazed of how goofy and clueless I am sometimes… “silly mama!” they said… You know, isn’t it true that in life we try to open the right door with the wrong key….?  just saying. Things have a purpose and when we get in there to do it our way, we mess it all up and we do not get the results God had planned for us…. I am still laughing about my “key” but my heart aches for those times I have thought my key could unlock God’s door. Look at your hand, are you scanning the right key? Focus on this one thing:

No matter what kind of door you have before you God has the key and He wants to hand it to you.


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