I’ll take it from here….

I was on my way to Church today when I realized I had no idea where I was… I had a great time canoeing at a local lake with my family and the park we were at is humongous… I got out and tried to follow the part of the journey I remembered, however that helped me but only to a point, the gps in my phone kept telling me “try again” my “smart” phone couldn’t understand a bit of what I asked it to do… amazed by the beauty around me, I decided to keep driving until my phone finally got some “understanding” and it finally helped me find my way to my destiny….when I got to a familiar point I told my phone “you go get some rest, I know where I am” … and I kept driving long enough to find out I was going the opposite way to where I wanted to go.

In life we kind of do the same thing, we rely on our own understanding, on our own knowledge of things… we believe we know our stuff very well, we think that we really know exactly where we are going, after all the route “looks familiar” it feels the same way though it is “slightly” different… “(usually the trees are facing the opposite way)”  … but … IT IS TAKING YOU WHERE YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO and when you “end up”  where you never intended to go, you will be spending more time that you did not really have… on something you did not really want, and you will end up paying more than what you intended to pay.

As I drove on the opposite direction, I thought about the many times God has graciously showed me the way and the many times I have decided to turn Him off because “I know where I am, and I can take it from here.” The good news about God is that He is always ready to meet us where we are to help us get to where we need to… on time.



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