There’s someting happening here…

Midnight Reflections…. There’s something happening here…. Just a sneak peek on one story that I love. Life can be a dead-end road where there’s nothing else that can be done, you asked the Saviour to come into your situation and He shows up a couple of days too late, too late when life stinks already… we have given up, we have buried every bit of hope and what is left is to cry for what coul…d’ve been…   I have told Jesus before…   “if you would’ve…” This would’ve never happen…!   but one of the many lessons I have learnt in the last few months is that Jesus come, He has a answer for us even that which we can’t see nor understand, Something is happening behind the rock, something is mending under the strips of linen… The Lord’s voice is carrying His desire and it will not return empty, His Word will accomplish that for which it was sent… We can’t see it but He can…. Lazarus was dead to the crowd but Jesus saw him resurrected thus He called him out…. we do not see the way He see… Jesus was laid behind a stone, it seemed there was nothing else to hope for yet on the third day He resurrected… things that we do not know about are on the “happening” God does not start working on our requests as soon as He hear our cry, He had the answer ready for us since the beginning of time…. There’s something happening here, we do not know what is it, we do not know when will it become visible BUT we expect because we know Who is behind scenes doing a great thing! and we’ll believe, and we’ll rest because He is Faithful… Something is happening behind the stone…
Jesus called ….and Lazarus, the dead man came out.

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