Midnight Reflections…

 God has a plan and our hearts are the womb that birth it. The plans that work and last forever come from God. When we execute our good ideas we bless a few people, we go so far. God’s plans cover multitudes and generations, His plan surpasses languages and cultures.
 I think that a lot of good-hearted people are out there doing and doing… but are we doing from something that has already begun or from our own perspective? Good works are our life style not our mission; our mission is to join His vision. What are you doing, Lord?
We can find out in relationship and communion with Him. Some one said that wherever you are, “there”, God has already begun something, all we need to do is ask and join.  He will show us.  We are not starting a dream, we are joining His!
#seekHim1st #MyGodtheDreamer #JoinHisPlan #spiritualmiscarriagefreezone

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