Midnight Reflections… The Missions Field at hand

Just a thought on missions and volunteering. I am a missions junkie, even though I have not really done much nor seen as much as I would love to, I always think on what to do to make a difference. Please do not take this as bragging…I can not help it is Jesus in me, He is just too amazing to be ignored and …  just as the chefs wake up thinking on new ways to improve their recipes, I wake up thinking in ways to do missions around me. I would like to share a few things you might like, hoping you find them helpful.

1. Take volunteering for Jesus beyond the Church walls. Get involved in your kids schools if times allows it for you, NOPE!! I AM NOT SAYING DO NOT VOLUNTEER IN YOUR LOCAL CHURCH! but if you’d like to do more, if you could, if you want to,  there’s always lots to do in the school as well, after all Church only takes us a few hours a week, if you feel you can give more, consider this idea. Volunteering at my boys school has given me the opportunity to meet people who do not go to Church at all, and to share with them about Jesus and the amazing Church my family is a part of.

2. How about the kids who love hanging out with your kids at your place? You know, those kids are an incredible opportunity to bless their families. A while ago, we met a little boy who is 10 years old, he used to love playing with our kids even though my kids were still little babies, one day he was playing outside as we were heading to Church and he asked us where we were heading to, we told him we were going to Church… he asked us… “what is Church?” and we told him “come and see” and when we took this kid to Church with us he was very amazed to see that the Church had a big tv, a library, and other kids his age assisting the kids services there! long story short, he learnt to pray and he started to say grace for every meal after that… with his family!

I love having kids over at my place, I make sure I am not the one who does the talking, so we make sure my kids get a chance to share their faith without even pushing it! or even realizing they are doing it. We gather around the table as their friends stay for dinner or snacks and we let our kids pray for the meals, one of their new friends thinks that “praying is amazing” and his comment was “we never do this at home” so we also ask this little one to step in and say a prayer if he has one, no struggle, it is all fun. Sometimes our little friend says a prayer, sometimes he just participates but the point is, share Jesus and USE words if you need to!

3. How about fixing a meal for the people next door, or baking a cookie or a little cake, or buying that woman who seems to work very hard a bunch of fresh flowers? How about inviting some guy to watch a game he enjoys?

4. My husband loves golf and we are now engaging with the neighbors on what they enjoy, we make sure they know we like golf, running, canoeing, and if we do not like what they like we try it anyways just for the fun of getting to know people and making friends. My hubby has been out golfing with our neighbors and we all loved it.

5. This is the easiest one, we all love this one… PRAY 5 minutes. a day for your street, ask Jesus to help you feel for your neighborhood the same way He feels about them and pray over them, sing over them. We get together and open the window and whisper songs, I always imagine the notes we sing going from home to home, we are not loud but we sing over our street at least once a week. It might not seem like much but it is better than doing nothing.

6. Get to know those around you a bit at the time, I was a part of the amazing Victory movement and I had the privilege to call Dr. Hazel Hill my spiritual mother, I used to watch her (I still do) and learn by listening to her conversations with people, mom makes sure she knows them well enough to engage in good, positive, encouraging chats with them,  their names, what they like, where they’re from, and mom prays with such passion over them in her prayer time that even remembering her prayers brings tears to my eyes… so I leant to ask people questions, nothing deep and personal, how many kids, their favourite meal, their favourite color and as we showed we cared, they cared enough to follow… (mother if you read this, please know you are one pillar in my life and that I will always love you)

The mission field is really at hand, all you need to do is to OPEN THE FRONT DOOR and ta-da! the mission field! The missions field is right in our kitchen, right in our skills, what is in your hand that you can share to bless others? what is in your heart about Jesus and His creation, His people and the people who does not know Him yet? and What is in your world that you can invest in, or what is in your world, the world around you that you can explore to enable you to become an expression of Jesus love that others can see and enjoy?

What we do really matters, do not wait for 16 angels and lighting to go do what you were equipped  to do already, you can start with offering a smile then move on to becoming a good friend with a good pair of listening hears and the rest will come up as you go.


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