I Can’t change…

Remember that song by Lynyrd Skynyrd … I Can’t change? lots of us still sing it, Yes! God knows I can’t change BUT do we know that He can help?
The useless part of us that needs to die but refuses to… tries to survive by screaming at us that whatever situation we are in will not improve as fast as we want… it steals our strength to pray, it makes our faith slow down and even questions us about our Lord… “did He really hear you?… Nothing has happened yet…”
The goal of that part of us which struggles with change is no other than staying alive, it won’t quiet down until you leave it alone, it shows up before God giving Him hundreds reasons why not change… “Oh God… I can’t change!” it lies to us saying that we can’t move forward without it and it has many forms: drugs, porn, self-abuse, control, loneliness, fear…
What form can you find in your life?
This is where Grace is abundant, not in us doing what is wrong, what is not beneficial but in us realizing how much we need help even in the midst of a bad movie or an argument where we get to hear what we say and recognize that our fear reigns where Jesus should be Lord. His Grace does not mean to go ahead and continue to live like we never knew Him… Grace means “God believes we want to be better and is open to help us” Grace is a Person, Grace is a voice that cries out in the desert of our lives, right into those cracked areas saying “We can do this together!”, Grace will show you the way and guide you, Grace is Jesus. Let us continue to hold on to Him even if we just messed up, those parts in us that need improving they cry out for Jesus who is willing to come help us. Do not give up if you feel you have not being able to change, keep seeking the Lord and admitting we need His help. Do not let your struggles lead you, do not give them the power to keep you… let God’s voice arise and silence all the other voices. read your Bible and continue to pray. “Lord help me, I can’t change without your help”
His Grace is enough…


One thought on “I Can’t change…

  1. I will keep seeking until I reach my goal. I won’t give up when the road gets hard. I need grace. I need Jesus and even though I can’t feel him I know I’m the back of mind he is right there.


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