What to do when the real problems come…?

In the journey of life there are fights you prepare for, situations that you saw coming for instance, little things we can control… but for most of the fights we face in life we are not ready for and that is why we often regret our reactions later on… the good part about those unexpected fights is that they prepare us and educate us for what is to come in the future. I believe that when you live for God nothing goes to waste, and even the hardest things become great messages that uplift others.

In one of the chats I engage at the nail salon with the women being served around me some one asked me about what to do when life’s “real problems come up”  Define real,  I asked, as “real” is different for ever body… so this beautiful 62 years old woman said: … well, like when you receive a bad health report or your husband leaves you… Would you still believe God, then even though He put that there for you?

To define what to do when war gets serious, when war is on… first decide who do you believe in and who is he you believe in. If you Believe in Jesus you must decide in your heart whether He is good or not… because bad things happen to good people as well and if you do not believe Jesus is good wholeheartedly you will blame Him for the bad things in your life, you will think that He is behind your husband leaving you, or a relative hurting another relative. God; He cares about you enough to help you turn bad experiences into something good and positive… bad things can’t come out of Him for He is GOOD and good things produce GOOD only.

So, God is a good God no matter what. This should be the foundations on which all our problems land.

What to do when life’s “real” problems come? Do not run away from God, run to Him instead, cling to Him, take advantage of that moment to get to know Him and expect Him to help you during hardship. Do not let your circumstances define Him, He is a real God for the real problems we all face. Get to know Him by talking to Jesus in prayer as you would talk to a friend and in the reading of His Word.


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