D-I-S-E-N-G-A-G-E !!

I love the scene in the movie “The Incredibles” Elastic Girl, (Helen Parr) is flying a jet to an Island to rescue her Mr. incredible hubby and Syndrome sends torpedoes to kill her… Remember her URGENT plead…?  “DISENGAGE, I REPEAT, DISENGAGE! THERE ARE CHILDREN ON BOARD! DISENGAGE! DISENGAGE, DISENGAGE!!! ABORT, ABORT, ABORT!!!!

I think that very moment in Helen Parr’s life describes moments in my life when the Holy Spirit has sounded just like that. When I am arguing with my husband and I am not careful with my words… “Abort! Abort! Abort! There are children on board! Abort!

When I fix my eyes in what I shouldn’t fix them… “Disengage! I repeat, D-I-S-E-N-G-A-G-E!

See, aborting a situation can come easy and naturally, it is the disengaging part that gets tough… disengaging is merely disconnecting from something, usually a pattern in life that we have repeated for a long time, longer than we should have, anything unhealthy.

Have you ever wanted to change something in your life but for some reason can’t figure out how?

Stop trying to invent a way, making rules won’t help much, because rules with no Grace can be burdensome, and will only end up frustrated. DISENGAGE! but how? it is not about a method… I have found that the only way to disengage from unhealthy patters once for all is JESUS, the more you know Him – the more you like Him – the more you want to imitate Him… the more you know Him – the more you know who you are – the freer you get.

The woman in  Luke 7:36,  The woman caught in adultery, The woman at the well John 4… A prostitute, A woman with many man/lovers in her life, A cheater and a depressed-suicidal, girl like me who used to be a bit like all those other girls…. we all changed because we engaged with Him.

The key to disengaging is JESUS, you will find all you need in Him. Disengage!


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