Modern kings…

Just a quick thought…
Our son Samuel wears glasses and it is imperative for him to always keep them on unless he is resting…
I felt this so profound in my heart, echoing thru my heart to all the rest of my living, breathing humanity… If Samuel does not look at the world thru his glasses his left eye will pretty much go blind…
Same thing with us spiritually … If… we do not see this life thru the Bible we will never be able to find the treasures we long for, we won’t be able to take the place we are given and other things, others ideas of what is right … will blind us to God’s truth… That is why many things have gone from not normal to being acceptable… morally. People has brought into
This lie of  believing that we.know  what we want and we all know that….. “nooooo body really knows what they really really want.” ….. we even sing about it! …. These times we are living remind me of the books of kings, when every king put on the glasses they thought fit best and ended up away from what really really really matters… God, His purpose and His people… Do not get caught up…. In today’s kings…. And their vision of what is right and acceptable. See it all thru THE BIBLE, JESUS … THE ONE WHO REALLY MATTERS…


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