Tonight is one of those long nights… all is well out side but on the inside an icy rain of questions freezes my mind, it is an icy flood! I am the kind of person who loves growing and changing, and when growing comes gradually I get impatience because I do hate my flaws, one in particular…

When I look around and notice how my “flaws” have wiped out the surface of earth like a hurricane, everything within me aches… specially when what I have said or done hurts me family, me kids, me friends and meself. I do not know how to stop being so destructive but I do not Who has all the answers, in fact, He Himself is THE Answer…

I go to Jesus and I ask Him “Me Lord, How….?” and needless to say His love and Grace meet me where I am… sometimes all we have to do when we want to change but do not know how is #Trust, Jesus is not in a hurry! neither should we. Hurrying only brings frustration and disappointment, it magnifies our imperfections and forbids us to see what counts. Admit you are wrong, apologize even when it hurts, #trust change is happening as the Master leads your steps, and relax… once you have asked the Master how… He is going to make sure you get there.

I love you beyond me heart.


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