Make Room

Sometimes I believe God allows us to see thru a window into those compartments that need to be kissed by Grace, things we hold not because we do not want to deal with them but because the very act of pulling them out from where they are is painfully embarrassing and uncomfortable… for a moment, I remembered something that was very painful, I do not talk about it yet its shadow visits me here and then, It brought me to tears to recall how scared, lonely, confuse and vulnerable I was, and now Jesus was visiting that day, the people and the memory with me.

I believe that a painful memory is a sign of a greater need of freedom and Jesus looking at the window with us, inviting us to make the room bigger and brighter together.

There is a person in the Bible who cried out to God and asked Him to “expand” his territory.  I know that the context carries even much more but let’s say that Jabez cry was to be bigger on the inside, to go from being a “sorrow maker” to one who can produce joy, to be expanded on the inside to have enough room in him to store up forgiveness and to hold on to peace and extend it to those who did not see him as something good.

Jabez is a man who saw his life thru “the window” and ran quickly to open the door for The One Who could do something with every broken piece there was in him… and God went thru the door with Him, and granted him healing. (1 Chron 4:10)

Would we expand our territory? Would we open the door? The Lord will see thru the window with us, but we are the ones who must go open the door.  Jesus will be with us in every step of the way.


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