Everyday Nonsense…

I had one of “those moments” last night that bothered me to the point of letting it get the best of me, thoughts like rushing winds trespassed my senses bringing insomnia and  I found myself in the darkness of my room playing with my hair doing “deep thinking”… Everyone had happily gone to sleep but me. I was so ticked off! Though I did not want to pray, I forced myself to, so I reached for my Bible in the darkness and said: “dear Lord: this is ridiculous, this is nonsense yet I can’t get over it, help me, Amen.” I Went to sleep when I felt, “better”, yet when the morning rush came at 6:00AM when I would’ve been getting everyone ready for school, I was frozen, my husband walked into our bedroom to find me playing with my hair… again…  ”Wow! You are doing some deep thinking… Aren’t you? (He said with a big smile on his face)

Yes! I am… I answered, and unleashed my tongue… and all my disappointment.

My husband said that I was going to be fine, and advised me, but I was still very ticked off practicing my argument within… Long story short it took me all morning to get over it … I prayed all morning “Lord, help me stay humble specially now when I don’t feel like to!”  auggghhhhh!!!!

Maybe moving on is easy for you, maybe you have mastered the “letting go” technique… Please keep me in prayers as I’m just a 1st grade student with a preschooler level when it comes to get over things.

Though it took me all my precious morning to get over whatever was bothering me, (Yes. Lord, And part of last night as well…)  I finally conquered it by 10 AM. I allowed God’s wisdom to soak into my heart and tried my best to track with what the Lord was saying as I cried under a warm shower… I hate not to be able to let go right away, it saddens me. Under my shower, I realized that I was over reacting, that I do have a challenge that shows up when I’m wrongly challenged, that when I feel my boundaries pushed, I become like a lion and I’m ready to roar… For a minute I sang to Jesus that song from Forrest Gump ”Dear God, I can’t change!” And lovingly, God’s Grace answered me back right away to remind me that Jesus had found me in  another moments of my life when I was thinking and singing the same song, moments when I did not believe I could get any better… His Grace found me and met me in the midst of a great battle 13 years ago, and His Grace wanted to meet me in the EVERYDAY nonsense I can’t overcome as fast as I wish.

Maybe this situation is nothing compared to yours and the pain it is creating, maybe your pain is higher than anything you can think of or comprehend, maybe it is so big that it is beyond measure. Maybe you have grown indifferent with Him; apart from Jesus… but… No matter what is going on or what you are going thru good or bad, He is wanting to find you and meet you right were you are.


#YourGraceFindsMe #MattRedman #video


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