A starving world

There’s a form of poverty which can’t be quenched with a piece of bread. “Loneliness and abandonment”
When looking around our “entorno” (surroundings) let’s remember that the world is starving for good friends, good company, attention and acceptance, and that they might be sitting next to you at Church today. All these above are in everyone’s wish list.

Let’s truly love people, let’s take time to get to know them … for getting to know them is to love them.

We do not need to go abroad to be on a mission, all we need is to turn and see our husbands and wives, or open our bedrooms doors and turn to see our children… and even open our front doors and turn and see our neighbors…
And our mission trip into shaping one another and loving one another despite of our/their flaws has started.
We are on the mission field of the soul, to help hubbys be their best as they help us wives be our best …to help our children be their best and to continue to help us at home and people outside to continue to #Connect with Jesus. Our Lord is already doing something around us, let’s join Him in what He is already doing in our life.
P.S. Please do not cancel your flights!


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