What is very little anyways? …


I got to my kids school filled with expectations to hear all about their day, it was Friday and they always have much to tell me. I get Amadeus J. David first, Samuel enjoys a few extra seconds with his friends while I gather David’s belongings.
David did not wait for my usual “What’s up…?” He went on to say:
-I did have a great day, mother, I’ve had fun and loved my snacks and I told all of my friends that you play the Cello!
A bit of my story…
I’m a music student, I have been singing since I’m 4 years old, for I come from a family of artists, all of them, from the smallest to the oldest play some instrument, or have a business in the music industry. My family even have their own music academy they are very gifted hard cored, devoted musicians. I have done acting, dancing and poetry and always came up on 1st place in all, got married and stopped my learning for 10 years and I went back recently… yes, I picked up the instrument of my dreams, the Cello, which I’m learning among other things -also related to music,
so my kids see me practicing every day for large periods of time, they also are learning to play the piano, so we all are growing in love with music together and that is why they assume I “play” very well. They don’t know that “shrieking” sounds are not music yet…

As We entered David’s classroom out came running Mrs. Suzane (Amadeus J. David teacher)
“Mrs. Ricci! Mrs. Ricci! I learnt something new about you today… You play Cello! Ooooh that is sooo wonderful! Would you come play for the kids??

As soon as I gathered my emotions I gave her 10,000 excuses why not.

~ Mmmm I’m not really a Cellist yet, Mrs. Suzane, don’t think I can come play yet…
She said, “that’s fine, come anyways!”

I went home with a frozen smile and a stiffed neck, but as in everything small or big I went to my friend Jesus and then to my hubby, I prayed to my Lord…
“Me Lord, what do I do, this is ridiculous!”
Only to be showered with precious Trut,

It’s not about how much you have, it’s about what you do with what you have!”,
Said my Friend Jesus.

I was in school with my Cello first thing in the morning last Monday, taught my first Cello lesson, to a  big crowd of curious eyes twinkling with very sound I played, every body loved it our time together! I played open strings, taught the kids about the instrument, I even let them feel the beautiful wood my cello is made of, and ask questions… after 20 mins we were still going…

Most importantly, my AmaDeus J. David;  my boy was so proud of me, sat right next to me, and did not know what to do to show me how blessed he was, I marked my son with a good lasting mark of love for sure, and those kids, they might go on to become the next generation of Cellists, we never know! They were so excited and all I did was to share my VERY LITTLE knowledge of my instrument with them and Jesus, with Jesus & them.
What’s in your hands?
Sometimes our little might seem irrelevant to us, but to Jesus is the genesis of great things.
Leave a comment, let me know your insights on this post.
Mía Ricci


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