Barking up the wrong tree…

For a foreigner who has just learnt a new language some phrases or colloquialisms might just be “words” for a while, no matter how much we hear the same thing, it just does not make complete sense until that awkward moment we ran out of “expressions” and “ding!” we use the phrase or colloquialism accurately!

I think that “barking up the wrong tree” will help me tonight as I express my heart to you. See, I read world news, and everything seems very much a scramble …
No matter where the eye goes, there’s something going on there, “NEED” is crying out like never before; need is the word on the street.
Everyone has come out to ask and demand and to express what they want.
Unfortunately we have not learnt from past generations who did the very same thing, for the very same reasons…
We continue to ask HUMANS TO MEET OUR NEEDS. Humans who have needs themselves, unmet needs, needs that none of us can fulfill. We have not understood that those who have power over powerful nations are simply as human as you & me… Therefore we continue to “need” because we are asking and we don’t know how, we know not that humanity DOES NOT HAVE THE ANSWER for their own issues… We can’t do it alone! Peace is a concept we don’t understand -reason why we can’t completely birth it.
The best we can do, I think is to point every eye around us to JESUS …the best way we know how, “look up!” Jesus not only has an answer, HE IS THE ANSWER and the world’s ONLY HOPE.
We will continue to lack as we cry out to humans for an answers but if –
The Lord is our Shepherd, we shall not be in want. We struggle or contend frantically in order to get answers only to find out that we continue to fall short.
We do nothing barking up the wrong tree.
Continue to turn your eyes up on Jesus and the world will have Hope and an Answer to all our dilemmas.
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