Join the party!

When I studied theater in Nicaragua, part of our curriculum included trips to art galleries… I most confess that I was not too impressed with things people called art, to me it was all weird shapes and odd figures, but other people in the group will go “uhhhhh so gorgeous! Ahhhhhhh splendid!” …all I could think of was, “what in the world was the artist thinking when he made “this”???!!!” Hey! No worries, I developed a taste for weird looking art later on (lol!) and learnt to see the artist on it all, the story, the struggle, the voice, their endless taste and skill to mix so many things together making it all one whole idea built up from many pieces…. So my comments and thoughts on “art” went from ??? To WOW!!!!!…
In life,
We often miss the prints Jesus leaves in other people as He works perfection on them, we notice the shapeless parts instead of those parts that have been shaped, what bothers us instead of what had been changed, the inconvenience people brings instead of the opportunity to be a blessing…
We can be blind to the change God has started in others because we are focused on the parts we can’t understand instead of being focused on the ARTIST & His big picture…

A work of art is not finished in one hour, it takes weeks, months, sometimes… even years.

Focusing on the work of God in the lives of others, even when we don’t see it… enables us to celebrate. (We do not see it but we know it’s happening as God is always at work)
The prodigal son was home, God had started a great deal of work in him… transformation had occurred, the odd shape of his life was finally making sense, yet his brother could not see it… he had missed the Artist and His work… therefore it was hard for him to join the party when the time to celebrate came.
Are we missing the big picture in some ones’s life … That’s usually the case.


One thought on “Join the party!

  1. Very beautiful and real.
    We need to open the eyes of our hearts to understand the precious work of our Creator! Maria this is amazing! ” Midnight reflection” is a beautiful song that I want to listen every night! gorgeous.


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