I need you…

All the evil things that shake me, all the words that break me -I need you.”

Have you ever felt like those highways in California? So many lines aren’t enough for such traffic there, sometimes they can’t be seen, they mix in with the crowd of fast cars… All trying to get somewhere… It seems like a struggle to define where you’re going, and often times I even missed my exit.

Life can be like those lines… They all go somewhere, cars just drive along them so fast you can’t distinguish the faces of those driving them… I was almost jealous to see they all had a clue of their destiny unlike me…

Sometimes I stayed on the same line for several minutes, but it just took me further away from my destiny making it harder to turn back.

I have realized that it might be hard to turn back after I’ve got so far… But IT’S NOT impossible, my excuses don’t count… After all “excuses are exit ramps off our destiny.”
But how do I find the way there?

I remember that as I drove around in California, I just continue to look up straight, focused enough to allow my eye to notice the white continuous lines framing my way… they became one long white stripe as I went faster, that helped me stay on my line… And to even protect those driving around me.

In life, it’s very difficult to find a way not to continue missing my exits but when I really started looking for the right line to find it and stay there, The Lord offered much needed guidance, -the Holy Spirit- He came to be our teacher, to bring us light, to remind us of the Scriptures when it’s hardest of all… All we need is to open our eyes enough to allow them to see Him and never get tired of asking Him for help.
It’s very simple. Our feelings won’t like it, but they will be trained at last. Our destiny is Jesus, let’s get off on the next exit, happening … Now.

“Over the mountains,
over the seas
here, you come running my lover -to me.”


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