A reason to Forgive yourself…

Time to love yourself and use that not so good looking parts we hide for something good #Freedom

midnight reflections

We all have secrets well-kept and most of the time… we don’t even know we have them!

I believe that there’s a God given desire in every human heart to be good, to do good and to stay good… however, life is a gift circumstances make less enjoyable, unfortunately not everything in life is chocolate cake and rainbows, there are messy parts, either things we’ve done and things done to us all that combo becomes issues that translate into several forms of nonsense as we get older… But, what do you do when your issue has gone public, when your family find out all about your addictions, or all about those secret videos you enjoy when no one sees you? what a terrible moment, right? Oh when that happens we wish the earth would do us the favor and open up under our feet and swallow us up alive!


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