Jesus Blood: The Greatest Gift to All

I get emotional when I hear songs about the blood of Jesus. We sing about it, we talk about it but we don’t know much about how very precious His blood really is.

The Bible says that the blood speaks… remember when Cain killed Abel? (Genesis 4:10) Abel’s blood cried out to God from the ground. So blood has a voice that reaches the God of heaven.

Let’s talk about Adam and Eve’s choice…

The blood of Adam and Eve had sin in it, sin came into their lives because of the choice they made, they believed what the devil told them and they decided to go their own way, they used their free will to do what the Lord had told them not to. I know that many people wonders why there was certain tree in the garden, and those who do not know God can’t fathom that idea of what I call “the choice is yours tree” but think about it for a moment… If such tree would have never been there, then “free will” would have never been anything more than just a “myth” The Lord is a good God who never forces His ways in our hearts but gives us choices. So because of men’s choice of doing things their own way, there was a crack between the Creator and His creation; a separation between God and His creation. Like when our children decide to disconnect with us because as  parents we simply do not agree with certain things they do or the choices they’re making. Like the prodigal son who wasted all his inheritance and returned home broke because of the choices he made.

So God gave us Jesus from the very beginning as the bridge that will carry us over and connect us back to Him. So anything coming from Adam and Eve brought their now sinful nature forth… they were sealed with sin and produced according to what they allowed inside. Just take another look at Cain and Abel… Cain followed his sinful nature even after God advised him to master sin. (Genesis 4:6) like when there’s a history of cancer in the family, we have done nothing to call cancer into our lives but because the father or mother in the family have it, then the whole family is prone to carry it and experience it at some point in life.

So what makes Jesus so very special? His origin. He is the Son of God born of a virgin. Did you know that scientifically speaking when a woman becomes pregnant she does not supply the baby with blood? Nope! the blood comes from the one who provides the seed, the seed in our wombs is provided by men, the woman carries the egg but all the info and stuff comes from the seed which comes from men. amazing huh? God is so amazing! Many of the things we are afraid to talk about have beautiful answers (Jeremiah 3:33) The Lord can teach us things we do not know about and show us the purity and accuracy  of His Word in the things that are and the things to come. He is not limited!

So Jesus blood comes from God, He provided the seed for Mary’s womb and now, we who are born from a sinful blood line and  in sinful nature, we can come to be born again in Jesus blood and that is why His blood is ENOUGH. When God looks at us, He sees people born again under clean, pure, amazing, sweet, loving, tender, blood… the blood of Jesus speaks and says “Justice has come to men, they are now reunited back to You oh Father! It is finished!” and under that precious blood we are now made new, born again and restored to God’s nature, no longer slaves of our sinful nature which kept us blinded and choice-less but free in the blood of Jesus, free to run to Him and life forever with Him.

Which blood are you under?










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