Sometimes when we go to the beach I like to take a moment to write things on the sand… I wait for a “fierce” wave and watch it wash away what I wrote, then I talk things over to Jesus in my heart… all this is very therapeutic and special to me.

Two weeks ago on our last visit to OC I was thinking about what the Lord has done in my life… so I wrote, “Washed” on the sand … I thought the breaking waves would reach the word and wipe it off at once but to my surprise the opposite happened, 
The water began to fill my hand-written word letter by letter… 

and little by little “Washed” began to disappear…

Being “washed” is a process… it takes time to be cleansed. 

Jesus’ love fills in every crack of our souls, it covers every angle, leaving nothing behind.

His love fills in our gaps leading our wounds to heal a bit at the time… 


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