His favourite moments with me…

Felt closer to God when our lights went off… Suddenly I was 12 years old, in a cold night back home in Nicaragua, my bed next to grandma’s… I was afraid, so she let me come near… sometimes practically under her ribs. It was my grandma’s company and music that helped me ride scary nights… 
Some nights, (specially if it rained) I’ll pull my latest CD, playing my fav music turned on my mind and distracted me, the sound of rain calmed me down… and I imagined that the voice coming from my CD player was mine…

Little by little music became my fav language… 

 I’ll go to bed with my headset on connected to a tape player or a CD player… tuned up the Worship and closed my eyes… imagined scenes like the one in the picture, only that Jesus was my only audience, it’s still my favourite part,…

“when I sing a song 🎶 for an audience of One, Bless the Lord oh, O my soul…🎶”

(Sorry, got carried away) 😅

Jesus was my only Audience when I was happy or in pain. Jesus was the one I wanted to be with because I knew that He too wanted to be with me.

Tonight I’m glad to see that some things, never change -on the contrary they develop into something greater…

I have an earache and a heartache and a knee ache as I type (Wait until you get to be my age! Lol) 😂

I crawled up in bed and grabbed my phone, played some worship music and imagined it was just Jesus and me, in this dark room under this quiet night in the woods, and I got to sing to Him, brought all my pain and my affections, my broken heart… but also brought with me the knowing of how much I need and love Him… which is never greater than the much He loves me.

I felt that, this moment is still a favourite to Jesus.
That made me smile. He’s kept it and developed it to the picture that comes with this post. 

What happens in the secret… He will bring out to His pleasure and enjoyment. 

My first moments alone with Him happened at a time in my life when I didn’t know much about Him… sometimes, all we need to know is this:

“He loves you and He likes you too.” 


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