In case of fear

Fear is one of the meanest thieves I’ve ever known. Its goal is to prevent us from taking a step forward, it will put its dirty hand over our mouths so that we don’t cry out  for help… it convinces us that we are bad-er than the rest of the world, that no one has ever gone so low like …me, like you… fear is a liar. I have discovered that fear looses strength when exposed. 

Here’s what fear won’t tell us:

• What we don’t confess doesn’t heal. 

There’s a “you” you don’t know yet. God knows the real “you” the “you” hiding under piles of painful lies and past hurts… if we don’t talk about things that shame us, we’ll never discover the effects of living free… of fear 

• The need we don’t admit goes unmet. 
We might be in need of advice but pride offers us the illusion of a “you know it all” fix. Truth is … when  we “know something” but don’t practice it… we don’t really know it. Seek help. 

 • Fear displays a fake form of safety… 

Fear will bury us under someone we’re not if we let it. I remember creating a wall between who I was and others, pretending to have it all together so that no one will see my bleeding wounds, I thought it was safer to do that but I ended up emptier and hopeless, blowing away all chances for freedom… fear’s safety display is a dangerous trap.

Oh deep breath… 

I’ve learnt to respond to #Fear with #Faith 

but faith alone goes so far. We all have faith, we all believe in something, even those who say they don’t believe in anything …they have the faith to believe in nothing. 

Faith is like a plug… it needs a good outlet; a good source.

I can’t plug “faith” to “me” because in doing so I’m setting up limits but when I plug faith to Jesus the horizon becomes wider… limitless just as the Source I’ve chosen. 

We are not required to “trust” people… I know that giving our trust is scary but we can trust Jesus. Fear is powerless under the Truth of God’s Word… 

Fear will stay for as long as we allow it… it’s time to let it go. 


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