“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Re-discovering Jesus has been a beautiful journey. We spend so much time getting to know people we like, following stars, people we admire, we learn all about what they like/dislike but have you ever noticed that we do not spend time getting to know “ourselves” …
In my opinion, most of the people we struggle to get closer to, might not care to have us as friends, and that is ok, I am not saying that angrily, it’s just life.

For tonight I am just trying to encourage you to get to know who you are and the best way to find our true identity is to do it through our Maker. Growing up back home in Nicaragua, I remember my mum had a big black and white TV, it was “the end of the wold when the TV got messed up… we could only take it to “one person” who knew all about it, from the smaller cables to how to wipe the screen correctly… sometimes that person was sick and couldn’t our TV right away… but we couldn’t go anywhere else…. that guy was “the one” … we did not want to take a risk, because we had done it before and ended up with people replacing some parts for pieces that belonged to other tvs…
Made me think that in life we go from person to person, from job to job, from magazine to tv shows… looking for encouragement, for support and guidance… we are not careful with our sources, we get input from anybody…

We try to find our true identity in LIMITED SOURCES. True identity comes from God. I learnt that the friendship that matters the most is the one I was not nurturing, my friendship with Jesus. It is great to have people we can count on. I have friends I know will be there for me, but my relationship with Jesus needed to come first, my mates have great ideas, great insights but the ideas and insights I follow come from Jesus first, and as I discover myself IN Jesus and re-discover Him in my life, my love and appreciation for what He values grows and I can be a blessing to my friends… and lead others to find true identity not in my opinion but one what the Lord says they are.


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